Graham Kaye
Graham Kaye

Welcome to GKayeGolf

Graham Kaye has been coaching for over 30 years and was the Head National Coach for Switzerland from 1995 – 2011. During those years he coached players in over 30 European Team Championships, 10 World Championships, over 150 International events around the globe, and was also responsible for the Swiss Professional Golf Team. In 2004 he coached the European Palmer Cup team to victory over the USA at Ballybunion and had the privilege of working with players who have since won over a dozen European Tour events. Based on his career achievements Graham was awarded ‘Fellow of the PGA’ status in 2005 by the British PGA, and in 2007 the Level 3 coaching certificate.

His teaching philosophy is based on mechanical and technological know-how combined with respect for the individual’s physiological and psychological make-up (ActionTypes Approach), and backed up by the belief that golfers can improve their games regardless of age, current ability level, or experience.

Using the latest technology to enhance understanding and clarity of purpose, Graham helps his clients to develop movement which enables the golf swing to function according to their needs, not the other way around.

Tuition is centred around a passion to educate golfers to be able to help themselves to improve while at the same time learning to enjoy and become proactive in the process.

Club fitting is also part of the coaching package. As an accredited PING fitter, Graham encourages golfers of all levels to use equipment that is compatible to their needs. The latest club-fitting software from Ping is used (nFlight), and a range of interchangeable shafts and clubheads are at the disposal of all students.

ActionTypes Approach

Fundamentally, the ATA uses individuals’ natural physiological and psychological preferences as a starting point in the learning process. In other words the coach adapts to the student, not the other way around. No two golfers swing the same way but there is a common purpose. This we call ‘game logic’ and includes the specifics of technique and mechanics. How these are adapted to each golfer is called ‘individual logic’ and based on tests and observations of motion. Thus the ActionTypes concept proposes a framework that encourages adapting the teaching methods to the individual needs and talent. This means that the learning process should start from the ‘particular’ (the individual logic) before looking at the ‘specifics’ (game logic).

Natural movements foster confidence. According to many respected physiologists “movement is not learnt, it is freed”. In ActionTypes the key is to rely on the ability to use a natural movement to achieve a desired effect which in turn releases potential.

At GKayeGolf golfers’ natural ‘preferences’ are respected and adhered to helping students maximize that potential.